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We can program most modern automotive vehicle keys. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep keys up to 2015, Nissan and Infinity push start keys to 2017, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury push start keys up to 2016 . We can program VW and Audi keys to 2002. We can program Honda keys and Acura keys. Hyundai and KIA require a 5 digit pin to program additional keys and remotes as does 2013 and newer Chevrolet keys. A professional automotive locksmith can obtain the additional information needed to program many types of automotive keys, car remotes, car transponder keys, auto proximity keys and most push start keys. When you need a locksmith New Orleans, you can be sure we are the very best. We have many years experience as automotive locksmiths, and are available to help you almost anytime you would need services from an Automotive locksmith. Our locksmith New Orleans services also include Free unlocking services with purchase of a lost key replacement for the same vehicle. In other words we charge a flat rate to both unlock the vehicle and create a new replacement automotive key. We are a New Orleans locksmith that only works on automotive keys and automobile lock systems. When you need a locksmith New Orleans, orhave lost your car keys, please give us a call-we can help you today.

Replacing 2003 and up Honda Ignition lock assemblies:

Honda locks made after 2003:

When the ignition lock cylinder must be replaced with a new ignition lock, the new unit comes with many new parts from the dealer since the assembly is only available as one unit. The only new part needed generally is the ignition lock cylinder itself. The new keys must also be reprogrammed back into the cars original ECM, theft ring and computer already installed in the vehicle. Do not allow someone to talk you into ignition lock repair for these cars; the 'repairs' are only temporary, and may result in further key and lock damage to the vehicle. This lock assembly and housing can be provided for and installed by a qualified mechanic. Do not use the new black plastic boxes, which come with a new ignition lock housing assembly. These are also called the ECM; and transponder theft rings should remain with the vehicle and not be replaced. Call us for an ignition lock cylinder and new key programming today.   

Lost Auto Keys? 

Auto Unlocking Services (available 24hrs)

Auto Key Copying and Auto Key Programming (You have at least one working key, and you provide blank key or remote head key) 

Broken Auto Key Extraction and Copying 

Extra Transponder Key, Programming Included 

Honda Ignition Broken? Call Us before you change it! The theft ring and ECM  (two black boxes on top of the lock cylinder) Must Not Be Changed along with the lock cylinder. If it's changed to the new parts, the new keys won't  program into the cars computer. We can program your keys to the new ignition lock for an affordable price.

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