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We can program most modern auto vehicle keys. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep keys to 2015, Nissan and Infinity, including push start keys to 2017, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury keys including push start keys to 2016 . We can program VW and Audi keys to 2004. We can program Honda keys and Acura keys. Hyundai and KIA requires a 5 digit pin to program additional keys and remotes as does 2013 and newer Chevrolet keys. A professional automotive locksmith can obtain the additional information needed to program many types of automotive keys, car remotes, car transponder keys, auto proximity keys and most push start keys. 

LOUISIANA State License F1903 


AutoMOTIVE Replacement Keys

Customer recommended websites to buy auto keys, car remotes and proximity automotive keys from:

We are in no way affiliated with these companies. We offer no warranty, and no promise or guarantee that any auto part, key or remote purchased will program or work. These companies are businesses in which many of our past customers have recommended or used to purchase auto keys and key related parts from. Please consult the individual companies for more information. A $60 service call is due regardless of successful outcome or programming of all keys remotes and push start keys not provided by our company. Refusal to pay once a technician completed the progrmming services may constitute theft of services. Thank you for understanding being in an honest business is not free nor is our time, state licensure, annual training, insurance, experience or labor.

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